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Range Care

The conventional cooktop is made of porcelain enamel which is very durable. Hot pans can be set on it. Cold items or liquids should not be put on it when it is hot, though newer coatings are thinner and less likely to crack from thermal shock. Spills should be wiped up at once, taking care to avoid burns from heated burners.

The sides and front may be porcelain enamel, but are likely today to be synthetic enamel. They are more easily scratched, and may be damaged by household chemicals. Acids (as milk, tomatoes, vinegar) can damage the surface.

Conventional Oven Care

Do not store plastic items or other utensils in oven as they may melt or burn if the oven is accidentally turned on with them inside. Use large enough cooking pans to avoid boil-overs. If spills occur, wipe them up promptly to avoid baking on.

Do not put large pieces of foil on oven floor or racks unless appliance manual recommends it. Then follow manual instructions as to size and placement of foil exactly. Foil in the oven, especially on the racks, may slow cooking and reduce browning. Do not line broiler pan with foil, as it concentrates heat and may damage the pan.

This information is for educational purposes and is reprinted from the MSU Extension. This information is public property upon publication and has been printed with credit to MSU Extension.

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