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Freezer Care

Locate in a cool, dry room for most efficient operation. The freezer mechanism will run better above 40 F. Leave room on both sides and back for heat to be given off in air. Plug into a grounded outlet. Plug only into its own circuit so an overload from another appliance cannot shut it off. It should be leveled so the door closes tightly; uprights may be tilted slightly from the front so the door closes readily.

If freezer is in out-of-way location, check frequently to be sure it's running. If on vacation, ask neighbor to check to be sure it doesn't go off and food spoil.

Never run frost-free freezers where temperature goes below 60 F. Compressor will not run enough to keep food from thawing and spoiling.

Defrost freezers about once a year, before frost is 1/2 inch thick on inside walls and clean. Use a plastic or wooden scraper, not a sharp instrument.

This information is for educational purposes and is reprinted from the MSU Extension. This information is public property upon publication and has been printed with credit to MSU Extension.

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