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Dryer Care

Be careful in using laundry products not to spill them on exterior of dryer. Wipe up any spills at once. Most exteriors are painted (synthetic enamel) which can be damaged or removed by chlorine bleach, ammonia, solvents or other chemicals often used in laundering and stain removal. Do not use dryer top as work-top for stain removal unless it is protected by heavy plastic cover, or for rust removal. Use sink instead and (follow remover product label directions exactly including flushing sink with cold water!.

Do not spray pre-wash stain removers on clothing on top of dryer unless top is protected completely; this may corrode plastic control parts as well as paint.

Clean lint filter after each load for efficient drying. If load is very linty, clean filter part-way through drying cycle also. Clean out exhaust vent system at least once a year, and be sure it is not clogged at any time. NEVER vent dryer into house; vent outside.

Check labels on garments and other textile items and never dry with heat those items which warn against such drying lest a fire start. Never dry items used with solvent or waxes for the same fire hazard reason.

Check loads before drying to remove any crayons, or other items which could soften with heat and stain clothes and/or dryer.

Follow manufacturers instructions in manual on using fabric softeners in dryer, and do not use any type they warn against.

This information is for educational purposes and is reprinted from the MSU Extension. This information is public property upon publication and has been printed with credit to MSU Extension.

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